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UZURV is excited to announce the beginning of another exciting partnership with Apple REIT! We will be beta testing the UZURV app in collaboration with select Apple Hospitality, REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) locations. These urban, upscale hotels are scattered across the United States, in over 240 locations in 33 states. The initial launch will be conducted in the following locations:

  • Richmond, Virginia
  • Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina
  • Denver, Colorado

Guests staying at these hotels will be provided with informational materials describing the addition of the new, on-demand reservation system that will be providing an extra level of service to their stay at Apple REIT locations. UZURV allows guests the ability to make advanced reservations to-and-from airports, conferences, events and tourist attractions in the surrounding area. By now having the capability to schedule ahead of time, reliability and convenience are added to the visitor’s stay with Apple REIT.

The initial problems with hotel transportation were caused by a lack of reliable options for guests to use when the hotel van was occupied (or if there was even a van at all). With the help of UZURV, Uber and Lyft are now able to accommodate the underserved areas, such as hotels on the outskirts of town. Larger groups or various guests needing to get around will now be able to reserve the driver of their choice, for a time that is most opportune for them. Early morning and late night travel accommodations will be enhanced with the partnership of UZURV and Apple REIT as well, by filtering for specific Uber or Lyft drivers that differentiate themselves through specific amenities that they offer.

UZURV is thrilled to provide a solution to these problems for a more customizable experience and reliability for Apple REIT!

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