Value Based Marketing to Riders

 In For Drivers

As a driver, you have a perfect opportunity to reach your customers—they are sitting in your car!  So don’t blow it.  Stay focused and know your customer.  Find out what is important to them.

Utilizing the UZURV app, you can grow your business by appealing to your rider’s values.  Put yourself in their position to understand what it is that motivates them most.

Talk to your riders to discover what prospective they value.

What motivates them to want/need a reservation?

  • Dependability— do they have a regular ride, early flights?
  • Familiarity— do they prefer known rather than random drivers?
  • Trustworthiness— are they new to ridesharing, seem anxious?
  • Personal service— are they looking for added value, luxury, or help?
  • Accessibility— do they live outside the city?

Once you know what they are looking for, you are better able to offer them solutions. Be prepared with UZURV Reservation Cards customized with your personalized code, amenities that will enhance their trip and professionalism in each situation.

This is how you can build a connection with your riders and motivate them to download UZURV.  This is what will produce long-term relationships (and reservation requests!) and build a steady book of business.

Take a look at how Leah has seen success and growth in her personal rideshare business.

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