UZURV is a Reservation Network Company (RNC) founded in 2015 by two Uber Partners, Matt Donlon and Harold Frans. They witnessed first-hand the need for both a reservation system for on-demand travel and the desire on the part of riders to be able to request specific drivers again and again. They weren’t looking to be another Uber or Lyft. They would develop an app to handle the reservation piece only to fill the gaps in an otherwise successful and effective on-demand system.

Founded in 2015 by Matt Donlon and Harold Frans, UZURV is a Reservation Network Company and mobile app created to enhance the on-demand transportation experience. Currently operating in 155 cities, UZURV combines the convenience and affordability of on-demand transportation with the security of a reservation service to give riders personal service that matches their specific needs.

This Smart City solution was recognized by Greater Richmond Transit Company (GRTC) in July when they awarded UZURV with a contract to provide transportation to their disabled and elderly citizens. Subsequently, UZURV was also awarded a contract with The American Cancer Society (ACS) to provide cancer patients with transportation to their treatments throughout the State of Virginia.

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