What’s In It For Me?

 In For Drivers

UZURV has grown to 140 markets nationwide in just one year of being in the App Store & Google Play.

How might this incredible accomplishment be possible?

We have drivers like you to thank, who have seen the benefit that UZURV brings to the on-demand rideshare industry. For some, our reservation service has been a no-brainer to implement into their business. For others, there are a couple lingering questions – the biggest one being: what’s in it for me?

To answer your question, here are 6 ways UZURV can improve your bottom line, take charge of your personal and professional schedule, and help you to build your rideshare business.

  1. UZURV’s Referral Reward Program

    1. It pays to use UZURV! Sharing your invitation code gives you 7% for every rider or driver you refer to the platform. Read more here!
  2. Incentives: The Built-In Tip

    1. Not only is an incentive there to encourage the driver to bid on a reservation, but it also serves as a well-deserved tip for going the extra mile.
  3. Repeat Riders

    1. Have you ever been asked the question “How do I get you as my driver again?” at the end of a trip? UZURV is the solution that has been missing! Repeat customers allow you to make professional relationships with riders for their next UZURVation!
  4. Control of Your Schedule

    1. There is no guarantee in the number of rides you receive when using Uber and Lyft alone. UZURV brings peace of mind in knowing that you will have riders ready at the time that they specify. With UZURV you also know exactly where the trip is starting and ending.  Take control of your business and personal schedule with UZURVations.
  5. Stand Out With a Personal Bio

    1. You are more than just a rating. UZURV lets you create a personalized bio, telling riders the amenities you offer, complete with a picture of yourself and the vehicle you drive.
  6. Market Your Business

    1. UZURV provides you with marketing materials such as decals, headrest covers and business cards to help spread the word about UZURV. Providing a premiere level of service will have riders asking how to request you again and again. Be prepared with your UZURV personalized Driver Code to refer them to the app! This will help grow your business, and your market overall.
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