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Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Flexibility with Exceptional Service

Across the country, UZURV is contracted to provide Wheelchair-Accessible Vehicle (WAV) service as a portion of the trips we provide.

We believe in Mobility Independence for All. Meaning all riders deserve a high level of service.

This is why we maintain high standards both for UZURV  the WAV providers we contract with.

A Shared Commitment to Service

Featured Partner

Caring Choice Transportation

UZURV subcontracts with Caring Choice Transportation to provide wheelchair-accessible trips to riders of our Boston area program.

The company’s original focus was to provide school transportation for students with disabilities. Caring Choice has grown to become one of the largest providers of Wheelchair-Accessible Vehicle (WAV) trips in the North Shore region of Boston. Caring Choice was co-founded by Eva Quinlan in 2000.

When UZURV approached me, I jumped on it. With Caring Choice, riders will know that the service they get is on time, will return them on time, and take that little extra care to let them know that they are the most important person for the duration of their trip.

– Eva Quinlan

An Eye for the Right People

Eva’s unwavering commitment to her role is deeply rooted in her personal experience as a mother to a son with a disability. Caring Choice requires employees share a similar level of understanding and commitment when it comes to meeting the unique needs of riders.

Eva says, “…you have to understand their pickup time is 10 o’clock, but they may not get out the door till 10:10 because it took 25 minutes to get a coat on or someone to come and put their shoes on or at the last minute you need to use the restroom and you need someone to help you get out of the chair. You have to have the compassion, the understanding, and the love for what you do. Those are the people that we choose here.”

Training Standards That Exceed National Requirements

Drivers for Caring Choice undergo all FTA-required background screenings and training that surpasses basic requirements, ensuring comprehensive safety measures.

Employee Screenings Include: 

  • Criminal Background Check
  • Pre-employment drug testing & continuous randomized drug testing
  • Monitoring of driver’s license and driving history through the state’s Registry of Motor Vehicles department

Caring Choice Employee Training Includes: 

  • Massachusetts-approved wheelchair safety training
  • Sexual Harassment training
  • Customer Sensitivity training
  • Car Seat Securement training
  • CPR & First Aid Certification
  • Epipen Training

Our transit agency and program partners have high standards – when our contracts include WAV provision we find, and carefully vet, our partner providers as thoroughly as we do the TNC drivers. Caring Choice is a perfect example of the WAV providers we look for.

A Master Class in Vehicle Maintenance and Purchasing

As any transit agency professional can tell you, fleets require constant maintenance. You can’t just purchase the correct equipment, you have to maintain it too.

Eva is incredibly knowledgeable about the tools of her trade and what is required of a safe wheelchair-accessible vehicle, “we maintain them [WAVs] so I spend somewhere between $120,000 to $150,000 a year to maintain my fleet. I make sure we don’t have any, dings, dents, or scratches.”

When it comes to her fleet Eva has the final say, “Every van that we purchase has been custom-designed by me based on need. We don’t have your standard tie-down runners, we have 33 to 34 inches to accommodate larger chairs and scooters, you can be 6 feet tall and not hit your head on the ceiling, and with the wider base we can do 3 to 4 chairs comfortably.”

Sometimes more is more.

Safety requires a hands-on approach

Eva Quinlan has a hands-on approach to oversight and safety.

She says, “I make sure that if an employee has a 6:45 pickup – I’m up, I’m dressed, and I’m ready to go at 5 o’clock. When my employee gets on the road I’m on the road with them.”

Through the use of state-of-the-art technology, such as in-vehicle cameras and AI, Eva can monitor every aspect of the rider’s safety, from the quality of the wheelchair’s securement to the level of comfort on the rider’s face.

Is Caffeine the Key to a Successful Partnership?

Eva had a few things to say about the partnership between Caring Choice and UZURV.

When asked about whether she’d recommend working with UZURV to other WAV providers. “Yes, it’s fantastic. Working with them, the contract I find to be easy. The billing part is easy.”

Eva also shared what it’s like working with our team.

“So first of all, every person that I’ve encountered, I find to be so pleasurable. They’re always so happy and joyful. I would love to have as much caffeine as they have because you know you always would have a smile.”

We’ve worked hard to make it easy and seamless for top-notch WAV providers like Caring Choice to work with UZURV. Our focus is to get our people, processes, technology, and coffee just right so they can focus on providing a high level of service for the riders.


WAV – Wheelchair-Accessible Vehicle

NDSP – Non-Dedicated Service Provider

NEMT – Non-emergency Medical Transportation

TNC – Transportation Network Company

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