What is UZURV?

UZURV is a Reservation Services app (iOS and Android) created to enhance the on-demand riding and driving experience. The app works in conjunction with existing on-demand transportation services like Uber and Lyft, allowing riders to make advanced reservations with the on-demand driver of their choice.

More choice means riders can customize their experience filtering drivers by vehicle, amenities and special services; view driver profiles; as well as send their requests to Favorite Drivers they know and trust. In doing so, UZURV's advance reservation system improves the quality, safety and accessibility of on-demand transportation.

Making reservations is as easy as...


Enter Reservation Details


Select your favorite driver


Your reservation is confirmed!

App Features

Just some of what UZURV can do for you.

Quick and Easy Reservations

Just enter your trip details and UZURV It!

Reserve Your Way

Choose from any interested drivers or from your Favorite Drivers Only

Browse Drivers

View profiles including bios and vehicle pics

Customize with Filters

Filter drivers by their vehicle type and the amenitites they offer

What Amenities?

Pet friendly, wifi hot spot, large trunk space, free snacks... to name a few

Rider-Driver Chat

Chat with your driver leading up to reservation day

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