A collage of different fare types, including cash, paper tickets, digital passes, transit cards, and the like.

Flexible faring adapts to agency AND rider needs and preferences

Fare collection systems are a core component of building an equitable and accessible public transit system. How do we make sure everyone boarding public paratransit has a means to pay that works for them and accommodates all riders?

As an adaptive TNC, UZURV’s platform provides flexible, configurable faring that mirrors our agency partners’ faring options with the same options they have with their traditional paratransit. When partnering with transit agencies, UZURV adapts to their fare collection requirements. Our technology is built for flexibility so that riders and agency staff have a seamless experience between their traditional paratransit and our network.

With programs across the country, we process the full variety of fare payment types agencies utilize. Agency partners also get full transparency – a secure, accountable, and accessible system for fare collection. Let’s explore the ways UZURV’s platform adapts to the many different faring needs of our partners across the country:

Riders accustomed to fare tickets and ID cards should always be welcome

As The Adaptive TNC, UZURV is completely flexible and integrates the colorful array of fare tickets, and physical rider cards into the UZURV Drive app seamlessly.

For example, the SacRTGO Single use Ride Passes can either be scanned using the driver’s smartphone, or the serial number can be input manually. Drivers in Baltimore and Phoenix can validate physical Rider ID cards for the Rider Choice programs in those regions.

For the unbanked, cash is king

Every day there are new, exciting advances in fare collection, but cash collection is important to many of our programs. With UZURV cash is always an option for our partner programs, and our platform has a straightforward procedure for accepting cash that is convenient for both the rider & driver. The process is auditable and trackable for transit agencies, and the information is available in real-time and through regular reporting.

Retain the ease of digital fares

UZURV technology is configured to suit the needs of the program partner. For example, our partner agency, Maryland Transit Administration’s (MTA) digital Charm Pass is validated through an up-to-date timestamp and an animated background. Drivers are guided on what to look for and how to validate the fare.

Adapting to complexity

Most programs will have more than one way for riders to pay for their ride. For example, for MTA, UZURV seamlessly processes five fare collection methods: cash, ride passes, Maryland State Employee IDs, Charm Pass, and Workshop Passes. All of which are processed by the driver through the same interface. Riders can mix and match as needed.

A platform that does the fare tracking work for you

UZURV’s real-time data capture for each fare prevents fraud, waste, and abuse. Not only does UZURV collect any fare type, but our real-time reporting allows agencies to know exactly who paid what on each trip as it is happening.

Seamless fare integration for transit agencies and riders alike

UZURV is committed to building technology that supports a variety of fare collection systems across both physical and digital ticketing. Our seamless integration of fare collection methods contributes to a consistent customer experience for riders and a reliable and trackable system for our partner agencies.

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