Professional, Punctual, Pleasant, and Patient - the 4 Ps of UZURV drivers.

According to recent US Census data, 13% of the US population lives with a disability, that is 42.4 million Americans. Older adults and People with disabilities often don’t have access to common transportation options that non-disabled people enjoy.

Transit agencies across the country provide the only transportation options people with disabilities can access, typically through ADA paratransit. A growing list of agencies partner with non-dedicated service providers like UZURV to stay ahead of driver shortages and the return of ridership – and the service quality delights the ridership.

Our agency partners have helped us build the Adaptive TNC that provides a higher level of service for riders – and the reviews have been stellar.

UZURV receives feedback not only from our transit agency partners but riders as well. There are four words we see again and again in comments and reviews, Professional, Punctual, Pleasant, and Patient – let’s break that down.

  • Punctual — UZURV drivers have an above-average on-time rate across programs, 97.2% or above within a 15-minute window of the scheduled pick-up time!
  • Professional — means drivers knowledgeable and committed to the requirements of service for ADA Paratransit — for example, UZURV drivers welcome service animals into their vehicles.
  • Patient — UZURV drivers offer door-to-door service, giving riders the time to get to and from the vehicle, and drivers are able to provide assistance to riders with boarding and exiting vehicles upon request
  • Pleasant — Drivers learn best practices and effective communication strategies to ensure a comfortable, safe ride for themselves and their riders.

What Do the Reviews Say?

“Send my compliments to all my drivers, but I would like to especially compliment my driver B.H. For being very professional, punctual, pleasant, and having a lot of patience with me.”

— JTACP Rider Katherine A. 

“Both of my UZURV drivers were punctual, polite, and professional!”

PACE Suburban Bus Rider

“Services like UZURV have been a huge help in improving our paratransit service performance! We get lots of positive feedback from our riders about UZURV drivers being on-time, professional, careful, and very pleasant.

— Priscilla Vargas, ADA Compliance Officer SacRT

“Driver J. is very helpful, patient, and always assists with groceries!”

COTA Rider Rick