Silver vehicle with the UZURV logo on the back door.

For the past six years, transit agency partners and UZURV have worked together to build and evolve a Transportation Network Company specifically built for people with disabilities.

UZURV, the Adaptive TNC, meets the requirements transit agencies build into their ADA Paratransit programs with screenings, service requirements, and fare collection features.

Take a look at the comparison:

Drivers are fully FTA-compliant with drug & alcohol testing (pre-employment, incident, and random) YES YES
Door-to-Door Service YES YES
Drivers must pass criminal background checks (pre- and ongoing) YES YES
Driver’s license monitoring by staff (pre- and ongoing) YES YES
Drivers pass DOT Physical/Medical YES YES
Drivers are required to provide rider assistance upon request YES YES
Wheelchair accessible vehicles YES YES
Direct integration with transit agency apps YES YES
Pay fare with a debit/credit card YES YES
Pay fare with cash (where allowed by law) YES YES
Pay fare with serialized coupons or paper tickets YES YES
Immediate reporting to the transit agency of collisions and incidents YES YES
GPS tracking of pickups and drop-offs YES YES
Smartphone needed to ride? NO NO
Credit/debit card needed to ride? NO NO

Agencies across the country are committed to mobility independence for everyone, and that’s especially true with their ADA Paratransit programs. UZURV is designed to match that high level of service and provide riders with more transportation freedom.

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