Integration Provides Transit Agencies Real-Time Dispatch, Tracking, and Ride Reporting of UZURVs Fully ADA Compliant Drivers

RICHMOND, VA., May 24, 2022 – UZURV, the Adaptive Transportation Network Company (Adaptive TNC) has collaborated with Trapeze Group on a full integration with Trapeze PASS, its paratransit software suite, for booking trips on UZURV. The integrated solution is in active service for fully FTA compliant ADA paratransit rides and provides robust real-time data available right in the Trapeze product suite.

With UZURV, transit agencies across the country leverage a network of fully FTA compliant, non-dedicated owner-operator drivers for ADA supplemental and Rider Choice programs. Pairing UZURV’s technology platform with Trapeze’s TripBroker provides those agencies the flexibility of a TNC and a high level of transparent data, including real-time ride status updates, real-time vehicle tracking, and full trip reporting.

Platform Integration Features:

Integrated Dispatch

Assigned trips are auto-dispatched to the UZURV technology platform by Trapeze’s TripBroker.

For accepted trips, driver and vehicle info are visible in the Trapeze PASS system, including:
The drivers’ name, the vehicle color, make, model, year, plate state, and tag number.

Real-time Ride Status

Real-time vehicle tracking available in Trapeze with GPS & timestamp on each status change, including: driver en route, pick-up arrived, in progress, drop-off arrived, and completed trip.

Transparent Reporting

All UZURV ride execution data is seamlessly available via Trapeze reporting.

“Our mission at UZURV is to provide the highest level of service to people with disabilities and older adults, and we built our technology platform and Adaptive TNC service from the ground up to specifically service ADA paratransit and similar programs,” said John Donlon, Chief Executive Officer of UZURV. “Transit agencies with Trapeze’s TripBroker and UZURV get lower per-trip costs, high on-time percentages (OTPs), and extremely high customer satisfaction that is all integrated right into their transit management system – it is an incredibly powerful collaboration.”

“We stand by our transit agency customers and their riders. This collaboration is especially important now when many agencies are facing driver shortages and operational efficiency issues,” said Teresa Domingo, General Manager of Trapeze Group. “The integration with Trapeze PASS and UZURV provides an innovative option to address these problems and accommodate a greater number of high quality on-demand rides.”


Founded in 2017, UZURV began providing safe, reliable, and fully compliant on-demand paratransit for the Greater Richmond Transit Company (GRTC) in Richmond, VA. Since that time, UZURV has expanded its operational presence, and today, UZURV serves more than twenty transit agencies, healthcare providers, and non-profit organizations across eleven states. UZURV’s adaptive TNC service approach is designed to help communities lower the cost of paratransit service delivery while substantially improving the rider experience. UZURV ensures safety by delivering services that are federally and contractually compliant and that address the safety concerns and service needs of riders. The technology platform also enables real-time ride oversight by the company’s in-house operations team. As a result, the platform keeps trips on time and drivers and riders safe and supported. For more information on UZURV, visit:

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