man helping senior woman to car -- door to door service

Let’s see how some drivers and riders describe UZURV – and what the company means to them:

“Every single driver I’ve had with UZURV has gone the extra mile to make sure I’m comfortable and taken care of. ” – Keith S., UZURV Rider
“The riders have an amazing attitude and they’re gracious. And I do like the fact that I make a whole lot more per trip, per mile than I would on any other rideshare out there.” – Mickie R., UZURV Driver
“Gail.. she arrived absolutely on time and it was a great trip to the hospital. She was so kind and so friendly and a very very safe driver. I thank you so much for your wonderful driver.” – Ms. Norman N., UZURV Rider
“When they see confirmation… ‘UZURV’…they know they’re not going to be late. They know we’re going to be in a nice car that’s safe, and they’re going to have a courteous driver. They’re going to get to work, their therapies… whatever we’re taking them to — They can depend on us.” – Julie B., UZURV Driver
“I really like that the rides are scheduled. As a driver, that really helps me with my own personal schedule with my family.” – Jill S., UZURV Driver
“I like the passengers. I get to pick up the same people over and over again and so we get to develop actually a little friendship. And it feels safer. Because a lot of people know that trip is happening so I feel safer as a driver.” – Amber F., UZURV Driver
“I have so many great stories about the riders. They inspire me daily. ” – Rita B., UZURV Driver

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! We invite you to learn more about a TNC that offers so much to both riders and drivers. What could UZURV mean to you?