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As you know, UZURV is very passionate about helping citizens arrange safe, reliable transportation. For citizens with disabilities, we partnered with GRTC in Richmond, Virginia to create the Care On-Demand program. For cancer patients, we partnered with the American Cancer Society to provide cancer patients with transportation to their treatments. These organizations know that UZURV brings an added value to the on demand service–the ability to make a reservation with a driver of your choice.

One group of citizens who could benefit from on-demand transportation is our aging population. Unfortunately the standard model of Uber and Lyft is just not accessible to everyone. Seniors need to know their driver. They need someone who knows them and can help them from the car.   Many do not use a smartphone.  That’s why, Greater Richmond Age Wave Opens in new window. has engaged us in a conversation with other organizations in the Richmond area to help advocate for legislation that helps our seniors stay mobile and active. Their mission is to “make the Richmond Region a great place for all people to grow older.”

Neighborhood Livability Action Team

To help fulfill this mission, Greater Richmond Age Wave has formed the Neighborhood Livability Action Team – a team UZURV is proud to be a part of. The purpose of the initiative is to:

  • Increase opportunities for affordable housing, home modification services, and mobility and transportation infrastructure.
  • Improve physical infrastructure including accessibility to housing and public transportation.
  • Promote public safety and make disaster planning widely accessible.

It’s important for seniors to stay active and not become socially isolated. In fact, studies have shown that senior isolation can increase the risk of mortality, have a negative effect both physically and mentally, increase risk of dementia, and is a major risk factor for depression.

Improved access to transportation is the best way to keep our seniors active. The UZURV solution combines the economics of on demand transportation with the comfort of a personal driver. By giving our clients the ability to select their driver, and make a reservation, UZURV makes the growing resource of on demand transportation accessible allowing more people to stay active, healthy and involved.