Smart Cities Technology

You’ve heard of a smartphone. You’ve probably heard of a smart home. But how smart is your city? Smartphones keep us connected to the world and the people in our lives. Smart homes connect all of your devices and give you the power to automate everything from lights to music. Smart cities connect assets, smart cities technology, resources, and information systems so that everything from transportation to public utilities is managed efficiently.


A smart city serves ALL of its citizens

A smart city uses information and communications technology to enhance its livability, workability, and sustainability – for all of its citizens. That includes the aging and special needs population.

The number of people 65 and older in the United States is increasing by 10,000 people/day and is expected to grow to 55 million in 2020. And, more than 50 percent of non-drivers over age 65 do not leave home primarily because of a lack of transportation options.

But public transportation is very costly. The combination of an increasingly elderly and a large disabled population is placing a strain on existing transportation infrastructure. Yet, municipalities must provide solutions for all of its citizens to get around.


UZURV is the smart transportation solution

Efficient and effective transportation is vital to the success and economic development of a Smart City. Current special transportation solutions are outdated and are not properly serving the populations they were meant to serve.

The UZURV solution is a public + private partnership that benefits riders and municipalities. Our smart cities technology taps into the vast TNC resources to fill in the gaps of current municipal transit authority programs. With UZURV, riders see a complete list of driver profiles and vehicle information from which they can choose to meet their specific needs.

We can meet the requirements of any contract

UZURV’s unique ability to tap into the rideshare resource and customize it to meet the standards of compliance makes us uniquely positioned to provide bundled ADA-compliant and same day transport options, including on-demand scheduling and dispatching.

UZURV’s smart city solution launched in Richmond, Virginia August 2017 and will launch in Nashville, Tennessee February 2018.

“I am pleased to see GRTC employing a Smart City Solution to improve ADA transportation through a local technology company, UZURV.” — Levar M. Stoney, Mayor of Richmond, VA

UZURV is operating in 50 states with over 50,000 drivers on our platform. We are actively seeking local government partners to expand our ADA services. For more information on bringing smart city solutions to your municipality, contact