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RICHMOND, VA., October 9th, 2020 — the Greensboro Transit Agency (GTA) has awarded UZURV, the Adaptive Transportation Network Company, a three-year contract to supply the city of Greensboro, North Carolina with specialized ADA transportation services. Ratified by the Greensboro Transit Agency Board, the new contract became effective October 1st, 2020 under the I-Ride title as a Rider Choice Program serving the citizens of Greensboro.

The contract was awarded through a competitive RFP process in which UZURV’S response demonstrated overall value, a proven track record of service, and a 99% on time performance rating for the community.. With this award, the program builds on GTA and UZURV’s two-year successful pilot program with iRide, which received significant public support for efficient performance and positive community impact.  

“The Greensboro Transit Agency is excited to continue our partnership with UZURV. This popular supplemental transportation program has provided services to thousands in our community living with disabilities by providing them with freedom, flexibility, and peace of mind while meeting their everyday transportation needs.” said JoHanna Cockburn, Greensboro Department of Transportation Director.

With this three-year award, people with disabilities and elderly citizens of Greensboro will have the opportunity to continue using UZURV and benefit from a highly reliable transportation option for personal independence and mobility provided by GTA leveraging UZURV’s Adaptive TNC capability.

“We are pleased to announce this award and grateful for the opportunity to continue working with Greensboro to provide people with affordable and accountable ADA transportation. The continued vote of confidence with this contract, the ongoing community encouragement, and GTA’s commitment to this program clearly shows their support to their ridership, particularly among elderly and people with disabilities.” said UZURV CEO John Donlon after the installation of the three-year contract. 

UZURV brings three years of Adaptive TNC expertise and is a trusted innovation partner to transit agencies across the country, providing more than 400,000 rides to special needs clients while helping lower the overall systemic cost of paratransit service delivery. 

UZURV’s unique technology and mobility platform prioritizes safety and makes sure proper assistance is available to the rider, while allowing transit agencies to increase overall paratransit system efficiency. The flexibility and security of UZURV’s work is related to its unique credentialing and testing technology platform paired with real-time ride oversight by a proven operations team to keep trips on time and drivers and riders safe and supported. 



Founded in May of 2017, UZURV partners with transit agencies, managed care organizations, national nonprofits, and government agencies to provide transportation services for members and communities. Since their first contract was signed with the Greater Richmond Transit Company (GRTC) in June 2017, UZURV has continued to expand cost-effective, door-to-door rider assistance services across 20 States. For more information on UZURV, visit:


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