RICHMOND, VA., November 2nd 2020 St. Lucie County, Florida has awarded UZURV, an Adaptive Transportation Network Company, a contract to provide transportation services to increase a person with intellectual or developmental disabilities access to job training, employment, health care, and other life-sustaining services in St. Lucie, Indian River, Martin, and Okeechobee counties. 

The Advantage Ride – Treasure Coast program, funded through the Florida Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged Opens in new window., will officially start on November 2nd, 2020 and will offer ambulatory and wheelchair accessible transportation until June 30th, 2021. 

With this award, St. Lucie County and UZURV will partner to enhance regional connectivity for a person with an intellectual or developmental disability by providing cross-county transportation between the counties in the Treasure Coast. UZURV has a proven track record of service in the state of Florida and a 98%+ on time performance rating. 

“St. Lucie County is honored to be the grant recipient and have an opportunity to expand the transportation service options for individuals with disabilities. We would like to thank the Florida Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged and Florida Legislature’s Transportation Task Force, which addresses transportation priorities for those with disabilities. Advantage Ride is definitely a move in the right direction for transportation options in our community.” said St. Lucie County Commission Chair Cathy Townsend. 

This program’s unique focus on providing transportation to persons with intellectual or developmental disabilities allows eligible Floridians more opportunity to lead independent lives through the freedom to schedule, arrange, and take safe, reliable rides via the UZURV platform. The UZURV platform is a life-changing mobility option and provides affordable and accessible transportation that is safe and flexible to persons’ needs. 

“We are thankful for this opportunity to work with St. Lucie County in expanding our services for persons with intellectual or developmental disabilities from the Tampa Bay area to the Treasure Coast. The Advantage Ride program in the Tampa Bay area provides persons with intellectual or developmental disabilities and their caregivers more freedom in their day-to-day lives. We look forward to providing this valuable service in the Treasure Coast.” says John Donlon, UZURV CEO.  

UZURV brings three years of Adaptive TNC expertise and is a trusted innovation partner to transit agencies across the country, providing more than 400,000 rides to clients with disabilities while helping lower the overall systemic cost of paratransit and non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) service delivery. 

UZURV’s unique technology and mobility platform prioritizes safety and makes sure proper assistance is available to the rider, while allowing transit agencies to increase overall paratransit system efficiency. The flexibility and security of UZURV’s adaptive TNC stems from technology-assisted credentialing and testing and real-time ride oversight by a proven operations team that keeps trips on time and drivers and riders safe and supported. 



UZURV partners with transit agencies, managed care organizations, national nonprofits, and government agencies to provide transportation services for members and communities. Since their first contract was signed with the Greater Richmond Transit Company (GRTC) in June 2017, UZURV has continued to expand cost-effective, door-to-door rider assistance services across 20 States. For more information on UZURV, visit:


About St. Lucie County

St. Lucie County is located on Florida’s east coast between Orlando and Miami. The county’s  public transportation program, the Treasure Coast Connector serves an extensive area in eastern St. Lucie County, with connections in northeastern Martin County and southeastern Indian River County. The fixed route network extends for nearly 25 miles north to south and nearly 9 miles west to east at its widest points, covering the densest urban development in the County while the western parts of the County have much lower population density. With a population of roughly 320,000 residents, St. Lucie is comprised of Fort Pierce and Port St. Lucie, which is the seventh largest city in the Sunshine State.

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